RF Frequency Converter Experts

Cross Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Heinz W. Wegener as a result of taking a small part of Wegener Communications private. Cross designs and manufactures standard and custom products for the satellite communications industry. Our products include RF frequency converters, protection switches, precision frequency sources, L-band splitters, power supplies, test converters, subcarrier modems and more. Our strength is in combining engineering and production to bring products to market quickly, with broad expertise ranging from DC to 32 GHz in RF, video, data, analog and digital modulation, alarm and control. We are geared to provide quality, economical, custom products to meet your specific requirements.

After 23 years, Cross Technologies continues to be unique in how we honor our customers by:

  • Specializing in custom solutions with low NRE's.
  • Backing all of our products with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Providing transparency by publishing our product prices... on-line!
  • Striving to glorify God by being good stewards of the gifts and talents God has given us.
  • Offering a great emphasis on customer satisfaction.
  • Upconverters, Downconverters and More

    Frequency Converters
    Cross offers a variety of upconverters, downconverters, and combo up/downconverters as well as IF to IF, Block Converters and Frequency Translators. Currently supporting applications up to 32 GHz with tuning options as low as 1kHz steps. Options include SSPB/LNB power, ±0.1 ppm high stability internal references (±1 ppm standard), M&C Remote interface, RS-485/222; Ethernet with SNMP (RS-232 standard), and a wide range of connector/impedance combinations to suit your needs. Click here to see what's inside.

    Protection Switches
    Cross provides both data and RF switches for a variety of applications. 1:1 and 1:N protection switches provide Auto, Manual or Remote relay switching between two or more channels. Frequencies range from DC up to 20 GHz. Our protection switches are powered by redundant power supplies, and a wide range of connector/impedance combinations are available to meet your needs.

    Precision Frequency Sources, Inserters and Distribution Units
    Cross offers precision 10MHz, 25MHz, and 100MHz frequency sources that use ±0.01ppm high stability oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO). Various models allow a single external frequency reference to pass through with adjustable gain. Insertion of 10MHz reference frequency and/or SSPB/LNB DC voltage on L-band links and distribution to 4, 8 or 12 outputs.

    Power Supplies
    Cross produces power supplies for military, industrial and commercial applications. Innovative engineering skills allow Cross to tailor its range of designs to specific customer requirements. Individual LNB and SSPB Power Supplies, +18 or +24 VDC, integrated LNB, redundant power, 1RU solutions and custom integrated modules are available.

    Cross splitters and combiners are available in a wide variety of configurations. The 1584 series offers splitters in arrays of 4x4-way, 2x8-way, and 1x16-way, and as combiners in arrays of 2x8-way and 1x16-way. Redundant power supplies, monitor ports and LNB power insertion (splitters only) are available. The 284 series splitters are bench-top units available in 1x4-way and 1x9-way models with or without LNB power insertion.

    Loop Back Converters
    Loop Back Up and Downconverters to 20 GHz are intended to be used for converting "clean" signals (having only the desired frequency) in test (laboratory) environments (see APPLICATION NOTE). Most are powered by the DC voltage from the LNB. Wall mount power supplies are optional, and most can be powered by the stand alone 2000-01 Power Supply. Loop Back converters are housed in a bench top chassis, and most can be mounted on an optional 1RU rack panel, up to three (3) per rack mount panel.

    Other Products
    Our wide variety of additional products compliment Cross' frequency converters, switches, frequency sources, loop back converters and so on to provide many unique solutions to the satellite industry's needs. IF Processor (Switch/Splitter with AGC), a 70MHz Noise Source, and a 70 MHz Frequency Source are representative of these products.

    Custom Products

    Developing custom products to meet YOUR particular customer requirements has become one of our best known attributes. Our strength is in combining engineering and production with a broad expertise ranging from DC to 32 GHz RF and combining multiple functionalities into multi-function solutions. Multi-channel frequency converters, multi-function power supplies, frequency conversions to/from disparate or reverse bands have all been accomplished with short lead times and reasonable NRE's.

    Call Cross Technologies today for additional information regarding these or other exciting new products that we offer.