Cross Technologies - Letters of Volatility

Letters of Volatality are issued by Cross Technologies, Inc. for the models listed below, citing some of the technical specifications of the onboard memory. This information can be used by our customers to comply with security requirements and as a guide in handling the equipment.

Letters of Volatility:
Model: All 20xx series products including: 2015-xx, 2016-xx, 2017-xx, 2083-xx
Model: All 2099-xx series products
Model: All 2115-xx Upconverters and all 2116-xx Downconverters
Model: All 24xx series products including: 2416-xxx, 2415-xxx & 2412-xxx models
Model: All 3000 series products including: 3115- xx, 3116-xx or 3117-xx models
Model: All 4000 series products including: 4115-xx, 4116-xx, & 4117-xx